Tobermory Day 1 – Cottages and Canoes

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Summer Heart – I Wanna Go

Ever since I saw pictures of Tobermory’s pristine blue water, enormous rock stacks which look like “flowerpots”, and snapshots of when my friends went, I wanted to go.

Tobermory is a small town situated on the northern edge of Bruce Peninsula. According to Google Maps, driving would take roughly 4 hours from Toronto to Tobermory, or 15 hours to bike (as my friends would joke haha).


In the beginning of last year, around March 2014, my friends and I decided to go – woohoo! There were 12 people going and the date was set for June 28 to July 1 (the weekend before Canada Day). Planning spanned 3 months, mainly because we had to book the cottage in April to ensure availability to us and a good price. Car arrangements, devising what places to go and what to see, and pre-purchasing tickets to Flowerpot Island came after that. We also decided to purchase our own food to bring in there so that we’d be saving on our meals.

On Saturday June 28 (Day 1), we took off early morning for Tobermory around 8am. The summer sun was up and the temperature was a good 28 degrees celsius. With the amount of people we had, we split into 3 cars. The ride there was around 5 hours since we took pit stops along the way to recharge and switch drivers. The roads were very smooth and I could feel that perfect (not too dry) summer breeze whenever I rolled down my window in the backseat. We passed by townships, counties and districts. The landscapes along the way were simple and beautiful, something like a landscape wallpaper you’d see on a computer. There were horses grazing grass, vast amounts of verdant fields, farmland scattered with piles of golden-yellow hay, and wind turbines slowly spinning in the breeze.


We arrived at the cottage around 2 in the afternoon. There were neighboring cottages on the same stretch of road but were divided with many trees in between, giving each lot its personal space. The owner of our cottage met us there, he was a kind man who looked around 40 years old. He showed us around – the cottage property, all the rooms, the shelf filled with board games if we felt like playing, the relaxing patio with brown wickers chairs, as well as suggesting places around we should check out during our stay. Though I tell you, the cottage was beautiful. It was quaint and rustic with wooden walls, varnished ceilings and laminated floorboards. Being encompassed in a chalet with so much wood around really does give you that cottage vibe. It was 2 storeys tall with 3 bedrooms and 2 washrooms. It overlooked a part of Hay Bay called Ragged Bright, and had its own outdoor campfire pit and boating dock.


Not to mention, the owner told us he had 2 kayaks and a canoe for us to use! That meant that we would save on equipment rental fees and could canoe/kayak for as much and as long as we wanted! And that’s what we did – canoe and kayak for the rest of the afternoon until the evening! It was extremely fun and I couldn’t get enough of it. Some of my friends even jumped into the water to enjoy a cold swim.


We grilled peppers and chicken wings over the campfire, and barbecued hotdogs and patties for dinner. We swatted away flies from our food as the night sky began to set in above us. Post dinner, we played rounds of uno and card games. We attempted at telling scary stories but it didn’t work because we would burst out laughing. Then we played the party game Mafia until 2 in the morning and called it a day, because we were all tired and our eyelids couldn’t keep open much longer.

Falling asleep that night on a comfortable bed after a great and eventful day felt exactly just like how a cottage day should be.


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