The Liebster Award!


I would like to thank Sileas from Sweetescapes and Jeann from Lost in The Bermuda Triangle for nominating me for The Liebster Award! (Liebster is actually a German word for dearest, nicest, or sweetest). I started this blog a little over two months ago and it’s really nice to know that people enjoy it as much as I enjoy blogging and sharing my travel journeys. It’s been a great experience so far! Definitely check out their blogs as they have amazing photography!

To answer the 10 questions (since I got two nominations and 21 questions in total, I picked 5 questions from each nominator):

1) Who or what gives you the inspirations for your blog?

Magazines, tumblr, pictures I find online and people I know.

2) What is your favorite travel gadget that’s always with you?

No doubt – my camera. I love taking pictures and it’s always nice to have something to look back on to reminisce the memories.

3) Which scenario best suits you? A Cabana on the pristine secluded beach or a Penthouse apartment in a giant metropolis.

A cabana – I’m for the sun and the swim.

4) Who’s your preferred travel buddy?

Family and friends. It’s great to share a travel experience with a close one because then you could look back and laugh at the moments. Bonus if the travel buddy also loves to take pictures!

5) What are you appreciating about your home town?

Everything – friends, local food, nice places… even the weather right now haha because it’s currently sunny and 18 degrees celsius while I’m writing this.

6) The world would end in exactly 10 mins. You have time for 3 phone calls. Who do you call?

The 3 most closest people (mom, dad, and boyfriend) would be with me if the world were to end in 10 mins…so I’d call my friend L who would be working in Shanghai, my friend C who might be travelling somewhere, and my uncle.

7) There are 7 visible colours in a rainbow. If you had to eliminate one colour, which one would it be?

Probably Indigo since it’s fairly close to blue and violet (which can both easily create it back).

8) In your view, what’s the best way to get in touch with the local culture while traveling?

Probably getting in touch with a friend who lives in the area. Most times they’re more familiar with the place and know where to check out, what to see and where to eat. If that option is unavailable, then I’d just research on the internet and ask friends around.

9) Imagine for an instance you are Noah, with only room for one more pair of species. But in the confusion you have forgotten to include dogs and cats, which do you let in?


10) For some bizarre reason, the Government of your country decided to ration light bulbs. You are only allowed one per household. Which room gets the light?

The kitchen – so that chopping and cooking remains safe. And plus, food looks so much better to eat when you can see it!

My nominees are:

Beatrice from Shooting Vienna

The Suitcase and Spoon

JMK from Silver Sparkling Stories

And here are my questions for you:

1) Who/what inspired you to start your blog?

2) List three words that describe your blog.

3) What was one of the most memorable moments you had while travelling?

4) Favourite season and why?

5) Best gift you’ve ever received?

6) If you could have an exotic pet, what would it be?

7) What’s your ultimate travel destination?

8) What’s on your wishlist on the moment?

9) How do you see yourself in 10 years? What are you doing then?

10) Any life mottos you live by?

The rules:

– Thank the blogger who nominated you and answer their questions

– Think of 10 new questions and nominate other bloggers (under 200 followers) you would like to know more about

Thanks for reading and hope to read your answers soon! 🙂


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