Main Street in May

Olivia Ong – My Favorite Things

Yesterday, I went to Main Street Unionville which is located at Highway 7 and Kennedy Road. Good enough, It was sunny and 19 degrees – finally feeling the warm pre summer season! I went with my boyfriend and we strolled around the little village. It was filled with little shops, cafes, and restaurants which gives you an old school European feel to it, similar to Distillery District.


We then went by a brick store called Old Firehall Confectionery. They’re known for their stone slab ice cream as well as a variety of other handmade sweets and treats such as macaroons and cupcakes. We decided to try out their notable stone slab ice cream which is made from premium Kawartha Dairy ice cream. They had a whole list of flavours which ranged from Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to Mocha Almond Fudge. I decided on Pralines & Cream and he on Maple Walnut. We both got the handmade waffle cone just so we could enjoy the whole thing! The Maple Walnut tasted pretty good, not too sweet and you could make out the walnuts that were in it. Mine was good too, with little pecan nuts, however it had a strong sweet taste of caramel that after eating a bit of mine and then trying his, I couldn’t taste his simply cause the caramel taste in my mouth drowned out everything!


We sat on a bench at the Unionville Millennium Bandstand as we enjoyed our afternoon dessert. We took turns relishing each other’s dessert but I liked his more, and he obviously liked his as well haha. I should really start going with what he chooses too because whenever we go out, he always picks the better one or the tastier one, and I always want it too! He’s so sweet though because he knows that I like whatever he chooses better and so he always shares with me :). We saw two pairs of brides and grooms take wedding pictures along with their crew of family and friends. One bride’s bridesmaid dresses were pink and the other were mint green. We had to eat our ice cream quickly because the sun was melting it fast!


It was a great afternoon at Main St and the beginning to our summer fun!

– Jess

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