Sunday at Scarborough Bluffs

Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry

Haven’t blogged recently as I was caught up with work, but here it is! I went to the Bluffs last weekend and it was the perfect weather – the temperature last Sunday was around 30 degrees. The day started off as an overcast but became sunny and warm towards the afternoon.


Scarborough Bluffs is located southeast of Toronto along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. There are two parks: Scarborough Bluffs Park (located at the top of the Bluffs) and Bluffers Park (below the Bluffs). Scarborough Bluffs Park itself is enclosed with a simple wooden fence. If you hop over the fence, there’s a small path that leads to the edge of the cliff, and from here it offers you a stunning view of Lake Ontario and the marina below. Many people were taking pictures – with some sitting over the cliff ledges and some standing on rugged tips! I was just 2 feet from the edge and that was already frightening enough!


After half an hour or so, we wanted to explore the bottom. If you drove down to marina and beach area, parking is about $7. Other small lots along the route to the bottom were full and officers were diverting cars to head back up. We saw a cop give out tickets to cars parking on the side of the road so we decided to park at the top and walk our way down. It was a nice hike down. There were no sidewalks as expected and cars whizzed past us. It took around 20 minutes to reach the bottom.

We walked around the marina for a bit. There were numerous sailboats parked in the bay which reminded me a lot of Vancouver and Ontario Place. After that, we walked along the sideline to enjoy the view of the water. We saw several people unloading and loading their private boats at the designated docks which was pretty cool. One guy, wearing his Batman suit, was unloading his black-and-yellow colored motorboat. Batman and his Batmobile spotted!


There were many families enjoying a picnic in the shade, children running around freely, and couples strolling along the shoreline. We didn’t quite make it to the beach as we took a different route, so we just the Bluffs from there. The sun was starting to set at that point. Hiking the route back up the hill took 30 minutes since it was uphill. Back at the top I was sweating and thirsty but nonetheless, it was a nice day for a hike.



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