72 Hours in Seoul

클래지콰이 (Clazziquai Project) – Novabossa

We did some travelling to Seoul for a few days whilst in HK. The flight was rather short – 3 hours from HKG to ICN (Incheon-Seoul) – and the weather was more or less like Hong Kong’s, maybe a few degrees lower. Albeit being around a decade ago, my memory can still recollect certain distinct moments – eating noodles in a restaurant while sitting beside a large window with its pane at my neck because the restaurant was situated slightly below ground – darting from one ride to another at Lotte World attempting to try them all to satisfy my inner excitement – and being intrigued at the spa & wellness centre, but bemused at the same time because I was too young to quite appreciate massages (however in present time, this is very much the opposite). Here are some film snapshots my dad took during our time there, circa 2006. Hope you enjoy them.

Out and about on the streets of Seoul.IMG_3155Entering Lotte World, bringing out your inner child.IMG_3139IMG_3152 Inside Namsangol’s Traditional Folk Village tuning into some folk music performed by women wearing hanbok. This village was built to represent the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910) and encompasses architecture and designs of that period.IMG_3151  Peering down atop of Ceox Mall, and other misc snaps.IMG_3153

– Jessica

Sources: LifeInKorea


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