Parry Sound Cottage – Day 1

Day 1 – Friday July 1, 2016

Each year, we organize a cottage trip and this year was no different! Originally we planned to go to Muskoka for the Canada Day long weekend but most of the cottages were already booked when we started looking in May. (Lesson learned: if you want to book a cottage for a long weekend, start looking 4 months in advance; 5 months to have more choices. The reason being is that cottages are extremely popular during long weekends and tend to be booked out fast).  Anyways, after searching and discussing, we decided to cottage in Parry Sound, a small town west of Muskoka by the shore.

We headed up to Parry Sound on Canada Day which was a Friday. The weather was meh because it was somewhat gloomy (it had rained the night before and reflected what the weather forecast has displayed).

As we neared the cottage the dark clouds rolled in and before you knew it, it was pouring real hard. Once we arrived, the next thing we had to do was find the key. Now this cottage was the kind where the owner doesn’t meet you to give you the key; instead you’re given a set of instructions as to where to find it.

With 2 friends and I huddled under an umbrella, we made our way to the back of the cottage to find the key. At this point, it was actually cold and I was shivering. The back of the cottage faced a lake so wind was blowing at us and rain was splattering onto our legs. At the same time I was wearing shorts so yeah, wind and rain was not pleasant. We couldn’t locate the key even after reading the instructions again. It felt like a real life escape game – the race against time and rain to get into the house (LOL). After a few more minutes of shivering, we realized that our understanding of the “back of the cottage” vs the owner’s was opposite. We thought the back of the cottage meant the back, like the backyard to the front door. But the owner’s “back” meant the front door, and the front of the cottage faces the lake.  We then found the key and entered! It was around 4pm after we all unloaded and settled in. 

A few people went out to the dock to try and fish a bit but it started to drizzle again. It really sucked cause you couldn’t really do anything outside. So we just chilled, played cards, and some napped. It was like this for most of the afternoon and early evening.

Hotpot was for dinner and at that point everyone was more awake cause we had food to our stomachs. At this time, we finally started to have some sunshine! The sun began to peek out from the clouds. With that being said, of course we had to take some sunset pictures! We hurriedly finished our food to make it out for the 8:30 sunset.

The calm after the storm….

This view is picture worthy…hurry! Everyone take pictures!

First group picture….(the trial run technically haha)

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman! …except we’re not in the sky.


Despite the gloomy weather to start off with, the day still ended nicely!


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