When Art and Architecture Mix

About a month ago, I visited the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) on a Wednesday. Why Wednesday? AGO has Free Wednesday Nights where they offer free admission to their permanent art collection from 6 – 9 pm – and it’s every Wednesday! I hadn’t been to AGO for quite a long time (almost 10 years?) so it was a nice refresher to revisit whilst checking out some art.

Their permanent collection features a variety of modern and contemporary art from abstract to paintings and photography.

Besides the art, the architecture at AGO is beautiful with its minimalist features. For one, the building’s well known glass facade which resembles the skeleton of a ship’s hull. The beams are of wood of Douglas fir and with natural sunshine or evening indoor lighting, it still exhibits a nice warm glow. 

Another architecture piece is the sculpted spiraling staircase. I actually recall running up this staircase when I was last here while my dad was trying to take a picture of us. This time the staircase was blocked off due to an event so too bad we couldn’t check it out! =( But it’s okay, next time we’ll catch the staircase!


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