Parry Sound Cottage – Day 2

Day 2

We had beautiful weather to start Day 2. It was perfect since our plans for that day were to hike and kayak! Late morning around 11am, we headed to Killbear Provincial Park – a 40 minute drive roughly from our cottage. Once we arrived, we decided to hike the Lookout Trail. This trail basically brings you to an open lookout area.

The hike itself was pretty easy, lots of flat ground, a few hills and rocks, and even nice boardwalks. 

The hike didn’t make you sweat as much actually. With lots of shade and a cool breeze blowing by, you could enjoy a nice hike.

The hike felt serene – you were surrounded by trees and could hear the occasional bird chirp or child talk in the distance. In some areas, the way the sun shone through the tree leaves made it look magical.

We reached the lookout point after 30 mins of regular pace hiking (estimated was 40 mins). The view looked out to Georgian Bay. There were some people down below on a small cliff jumping in and enjoying the water.

Where did the motorboat go? It’s there!

The hike back was quicker as most of it was downhill. This took around 20 mins.

Our next stop was the paddling centre! Our cottage didn’t provide kayaks so we had to go offsite in order to paddle. The centre was called the White Squall Paddling Centre, and they had so many beautiful and colourful kayaks! All lined up for the kayak pageant 😉 (aka choosing our kayaks)

Once I settled into my kayak and rowed out a bit, I realized that my kayak was pretty wobbly due to the wind and waves. With that, I didn’t want to risk my phone and camera so we put them back in the car. Too bad cause we couldn’t take much pictures 😦

We BBQ-ed for dinner and after that of course had to take more sunset pictures 😛

The sky that evening was more beautiful and clear – rain clouds didn’t smear across the sky like the night before.

Cottage trips aren’t complete without silhouette pictures!

Victory cheer!


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