Parry Sound Cottage – Day 3

We checked out around 11 with our bags packed and all and began heading to Santa’s Village (south of our cottage). We would just play the smaller games there with the tickets we were given until 3 (which was an hour when we arrived) and after that our trekking group would start.

We started off with go-karting which was pretty fun. We decided to do doubles first and then individuals due to the number of tickets we had. Towards the end of all our first races our go-kart ran out of gas (probably cause we did an extra lap since our go-kart was one of the fastest ones there) so the worker had to come and push us back.

After a round of that it was time for the trekking! Our first activity was the 10-m jump – yikes! They first harnessed us up and then we walked up the stairs to the jumping dock. I’m not good with falls or rollercoasters even so I knew my heart would jump out/ get that sick stomach feeling. And it did. For the jump the first 10 seconds (5m maybe?) were like that, but after that there’s resistance on the rope so you get lowered to the ground for the rest of way down. For my second jump I tried looking out further in the distance to minimize the feeling of falling but still, I got the stomach feeling – and my second jump actually felt scarier.

After all our jumps they harnessed us again but in different harnesses meant for treetop trekking. The staff went through the usual safety procedures, what and what not to do, how to hook on properly, etc. Then it was time to start climbing! My goal was to make it through all 3 courses 8)

The first course was fairly simple with not much difficulty. It was about 15 ft off the ground.

The second course was about 17 ft and moderate difficulty, with a few non fixed courses (ie. walking on wooden planks strung from one tree to another, but the sides were netted for assistance). Halfway through Level 2, I was about to start another course but then yelled back to my friends “wow guys, this is sca-REEEEEE”. The staff who gave us the orientation and was about 19-20 years old that stood down below supervising heard and laughed out loud. I was so embarassed at the moment but he said, “Haha that made my day, thanks” while at the same time repeating my line lol. Luckily my friends behind me didn’t even hear this so I was saved from some laughter.

The third course at 19ft was high difficulty with more moving courses.

One course in particular near the end was extremely difficult, mainly because I wasn’t tall enough. You had to walk across a wire from one tree to the other; there were 2 wires overhead that you could hold on to for support (but these were so high up that my body was stretching from barely holding on while tiptoeing on the wire). And then at every 2 ft stop point there was a vertical log that you could rest onto – but this was also on the wire! So basically you had to maintain your balance while on the wire, make as little movement as possible while walking around, attempt to hold onto an overhead wire for support, and not fall (even though you’re harnessed on you don’t want to fall and dangle midair lol). So I would take a few steps, rest a bit at each log and continue. Once I made it across I was like hallelujah! That was the most difficult course for me there. Everything else was pretty doable.  This was the most difficult course:

We arrived back in Toronto around 8ish after leaving Santa’s around 5. To conclude the night and trip, we finished off with Magic Noodle!


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