Cherry Avenue Farms

Last August (summer of 2015) was the first time we went cherry picking!

Cherry Avenue Farms are located in a small town called Lincoln, a 30 minute drive east from Niagara Falls. We actually all went to Niagara for the day and on the way back stopped by to pick some cherries.

When we arrived the dirt parking lot was full as expected since it was a beautiful day out. It was the end of August so we were nearing cherry season. The woman said there were a few cherries in the fields if we wanted to pick them and we said yes!

Once we entered and got our cherry baskets, we walked into the fields of trees to look for some cherries but most were bare (of cherries). The ones that were still on the trees weren’t as fresh or had gone bad.

After a while, we saw the wooden horse wagon and hopped on. After a few minutes we got off with a few others at one of the stops which was deeper into the fields. Here, you could just see rows and rows of trees.

We began picking and going from tree to tree. There were some fresh cherries on several of the trees,  particularly on the branches at the top (mainly because it was out of reach for most). At one point, we grabbed a wooden step ladder nearby to get higher. There were many cherries!

We picked, rested, and picked some more for the next hour and a bit. It was nice in the shade of the trees but once in the sun, you could feel the heat on you. And being out in the fields was more quiet comparable to the front of the farm.

Once we decided we had picked enough, we hopped onto the wagon to head back to group up. Collectively we ended up filling up 4 baskets full of cherries!

We decided to keep just one basket and left the rest there (whoever got them were lucky)! We lined up to exit where they weigh your basket and charge you depending on the weight. One basket was around 4 lbs so with those 4 baskets we got around 16 lbs!

Fruit picking was a fun experience! One thing to add to my bucket list now is blueberry picking!


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