It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

With the holidays coming up and malls being decked out with decorations, I decided to do an early post to share in the holiday spirit!

A Christmas Market is held every year at the Distillery District in downtown east Toronto.

There’s always a big turnout as the market is filled with Christmas cheer, delicious eats and sparkling lights. I went last December and it was beautiful…

Here are a few things of last year’s Christmas Market:


There were rides in an area for kids and people to enjoy. Alongside, there were many small booths that sold miniature handmade desserts and snacks, Christmas decoration items, and holiday souvenirs.


One very popular food item at the Market last year was the turkey drumstick. It was $15 for a giant piece of hot and juicy drumstick. I was hungry from all the walking, and cold so this was perfect. There were other booths that sold food items such as churros and beavertails.

The eating area was similar to a wooden tavern. It was open at the top so you were still exposed to the cold air, however there were huge heat warmers and lamps so if you stayed there long enough, you’d warm up!


There was a gigantic Christmas tree in the Distillery square! I’m guessing it was around 35 ft tall? Haha

I have something for twinkling Christmas lights so all the decorations there were one of my favourite things to admire and take pictures of. Under all the sparkling lights, it just feels magical and jolly.

While weaving through the crowd, a lit-up marquee word caught my eye…peace. For a second I stood there, self-reflecting that this word was so real among all the light and laughter…it was something that everyone should be able to have and enjoy this holiday season.

Other marquee words and decorations to signify the holidays.

Our selfie attempt

I’d definitely go again this year! A Holiday and Christmas Market is actually coming to Nathan Phillips Square this winter so I might check that out too!


7 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

    1. Thanks Pooja! Haha I know right?! Ahh…Christmas season is so wonderful! The Distillery District’s Christmas Market (the one in my post) started this past weekend and a lot of people are already flocking to it! There are so many new markets popping up this year in other places…hopefully I’ll have the time to visit most of them 🙂

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