A night at the museum…

Two months ago, I went to one of ROM’s Friday Night Live (FNL) events! I’ve always heard of them but hadn’t gone, so this was my first time. I hadn’t been to ROM in ages – I think the last time was during grade school when we went to check out the dinosaur and Egyptian exhibits.

ROM holds these nice social events every Friday from September until November. Besides the conventional galleries and exhibits you can check out, FNL includes drinks and food, music, live entertainment, energy and fun!

Every Friday is a different theme and the one I went to was Fashion!

They had fashion guests and models to support the event’s theme. We witnessed a photoshoot going on in one room. The models were so tall (with heels and/or possibly stilts), about 6.3 ft!

We checked out the galleries and walked around the exhibits. There were so many that ranged from Egyptian, to animals, to Japanese prints. There were so many interesting things to see….you could spend a whole day if not more there!

In several areas, musicians were playing – one room was jazz music, another was classical. Guests would linger, lounge and just chat amongst themselves. It was a lively environment.

Downstairs was a bigger dance floor with DJ music and younger people dancing.

The night ended off around 11 when FNL was closing. It was a pretty cool and interesting event incorporating both a museum and a social music scene feel; I would come back next year for a different theme!


6 thoughts on “A night at the museum…

  1. That is one massive dinosaur statue there. Looks like one of the highlights of the museum 🙂 Also interesting to hear the variety of music all around. Must have been a pretty spacious place to have that many kinds of live music going at once. You can dance to the DJ and then when you get tired you can switch to jazz and many sit and mellow out 🙂

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