Frozen in Time

With temperatures below zero and fluffy snow on the ground, you could well make a snowman…or perhaps an ice sculpture! Back in 2015 I went to Icefest, a yearly ice sculpture festival held at Bloor-Yorkville in Toronto.

It features many beautiful and intricate ice sculptures catered to the theme.

The theme then was “Frozen in Time” – so it was primarily Egyptian inspired sculptures. There was a statue of King Tut, Pharoahs, and Egyptian eyes.

The sculptures were pretty huge actually; they were bigger and taller than me or around the same height. Contestants were given a huge block of ice beforehand to carve.

This was the winning sculpture! 

Amongst were also notable sculpture mentions.

If you stayed until the evening when dusk began to shadow over, you could see the sculptures light up, which was neat (but I didn’t stay that late haha).

And if you felt like having a little snack, you could try out maple taffy on snow!

Besides the freezing and cold weather – my hands were frozen almost(!), the event was pretty amazing. I’m definitely looking forward to this year’s – next month!


20 thoughts on “Frozen in Time

    1. I agree! Ice sculptures look so enchanting and timeless…

      And aww…that’s sad to hear… hopefully one day though you can catch an ice sculpture festival (if you are travelling somewhere cold haha) 🙂

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  1. Ice sculptures always really draw me in. There’s something about the impermanence of it all that makes it even more beautiful. Glad I found your blog, really enjoying your posts!

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