Light Fest

A few weeks ago, my friends and I stopped by TO Light Festival which takes place (until March 12!) at the Distillery District! It’s an event which showcases various light exhibitions through and around the Distillery.

We got there around 5 which was kind of early as the sun hadn’t set, and the lights weren’t on. However, we strolled around and enjoyed the area with the daytime feel. It was pretty windy and cold actually like around 1 degree, considering a few hours ago it was fairly warm.

There’s a sake brewery right in Distillery called Izumi and they have a huge sign outside, so we stopped to snap a few pics.

After that it was getting too cold so we decided to head over to Soma Chocolatemaker to warm up. Along the way, we snapped more pictures here and there.

Once we got to Soma and went in, the warmth felt so nice. Soma is a cute place with brick walls and hand-packaged little goodies. We got the classic hot chocolate.

After that the sun was setting and the sky started becoming dark. The most popular one was the angel wings in which they would change colours. There were line-ups but it went fairly fast as there were 3 sets of wings and people mainly snapped a few pictures and left.

Here are some of the other exhibits.


It was pretty neat that Distillery had this kind of event. Hopefully they’ll be back next year! 🙂


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