Outshine the disco lights with your dancing shoes…

The museum is a nice place to visit when the weather’s gloomy and you have nowhere to go. On one rainy Saturday last November, that’s what I did! The Bata Shoe Museum is located in the downtown core, one block west of the Royal Ontario Museum actually. I’ve never visited the shoe museum before so I thought it would be cool to check it out, and plus I, myself, am a lover of shoes!

The museum has a wide array of shoe exhibits – ranging from modern shoes to old fashioned shoes with various types on display.

With shoes being a form of fashion, the styles come and go. When they reappear again after a few years, they’re usually in a different variation but their main and distinguishable style remains the same. For example, Oxford shoes and the Beatles’ Chelsea boots. It was neat to see the shoes from many years back and compare them to how they’ve evolved to present day.

Shoes were everywhere!

In the foyer there was a display of mosaic colored glass shoes hanging from the ceiling. If there were sunshine, the display would look even more beautiful with light reflecting off the shoes!


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