Albion Falls

For the Labour Day weekend last year, my friends and I planned a waterfall hopping day trip to the waterfall capital of the world, Hamilton!

There are 100+ waterfalls in Hamilton but we chose 4 of the main ones to visit in our day, taking into consideration driving time and stops. Here was our schedule for the day (yes, I made a schedule cause we’d actually be on track and be able to see all 4):

I even had google map screenshots printed just so we’d know where parking, etc was haha.

We headed in around 11 and took us almost 2 hours to drive into Hamilton due to the long weekend traffic and hoards of cars heading into the Niagara region. We reached Hamilton around 1:45 and took a pitstop at a McD to eat some food and recharge.

First stop: Albion Falls

Our first waterfall was Albion. There were a looooot of people and kids and even a few dogs there.

Parking: Free, there are 3-4 parking lots around

Hike difficulty: Moderate

The hike down to the waterfalls were pretty rocky. There were no actual dirt path nor steps, it was just steep rocky edges so you had to be careful going down – or even go down sideways for some areas.

Once we reached the bottom it was beautiful, like how we saw in pictures. The waterfall was pretty big actually and spanned a large area. There was a mid section in the middle of the falls that was flat so people explored with bare feet.

We then climbed back up and caught a small spot where we could view the falls at the midway. If I had flip flops I would’ve joined in!

This one was one of the smaller falls on the ledge.

Next stop: Tiffany Falls


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