Webster’s and Tews Falls

Our next stop was the Spencer Gorge Conservation area which houses Webster Falls and Tew’s Falls.

Parking: $10/day

Hike difficulty: Easy to Moderate

The trails weren’t as long in distance because we actually ended up parking in the middle of the two. The trail to Webster’s was 500m on the right and Tews was 400m on the left. Both trails were relatively easy to moderate with some ups and downs but no steep areas.

When we got to the Webster’s we could only see a glimpse of it at the top. Although there were people at the bottom.

We saw a few people trying to hike down but when we went to check out the trail it looked too steep and dangerous to climb so we dismissed the idea.

After that we hiked back to the middle and towards Tew’s – this was approx. 900m.

Towards this direction actually was Tews Falls and Dundas Peak. We decided to hike to the Peak first (which will be the next post) and on our way back stop by Tews, to avoid dusk falling upon us while we were still hiking.

After the Peak hike, we stopped by Tews as planned.

There was a viewing balcony for Tews, which is a 91m ribbon waterfall, and actually the tallest waterfall in Hamilton! Too bad there was no actual path that could lead us to check out the falls from below.

There weren’t much people viewing the falls while we were there so it was quite peaceful and nice to listen to the roar of the falls and nature itself.

Next stop: Dundas Peak


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