Dundas Peak

I’d always seen pictures on IG or Facebook of Dundas Peak but hadn’t gone. The hike there was quite easy, it was mostly flat dirt ground. Not much people were crowding the hiking trail so it was nice and enjoyable. The hike itself was around 20 mins, half the average time the sign said the hike would be (40 mins).

Once we got the Peak, this was the view:

Towards one area, residential area was below and to the other side was forest and a railway track.

There were many people taking pictures as expected and some found a ledge where they would sit for the shot.

I imagined that it would be really nice here in autumn to check out the scenery.

After all the photographs, we made our way back. Comparably it felt even easier than when we hiked there, probably mainly because it was either flat land or slight downhill slopes. If you haven’t paid Dundas Peak a visit, I recommend you go! 🙂

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