Dundas Peak

I’d always seen pictures on IG or Facebook of Dundas Peak but hadn’t gone. The hike there was quite easy, it was mostly flat dirt ground. Not much people were crowding the hiking trail so it was nice and enjoyable. The hike itself was around 20 mins, half the average time the sign said the … More Dundas Peak

Tiffany Falls

Our next falls was Tiffany! It was about a 15-min from Albion and it had way less people – about 2/10ths of Albion – which was good because it wasn’t as crowded. Parking: $2/hour Hike difficulty: Easy The hike to the falls was easy and took around 5 mins as most of it was flat … More Tiffany Falls

Albion Falls

For the Labour Day weekend last year, my friends and I planned a waterfall hopping day trip to the waterfall capital of the world, Hamilton! There are 100+ waterfalls in Hamilton but we chose 4 of the main ones to visit in our day, taking into consideration driving time and stops. Here was our schedule … More Albion Falls